Shirt with triple collar

  • Shirt with triple collar

    Shirt with triple collar

    The shirt is rightly considered a conservative subject of the wardrobe. But even the most established rules eventually reincarnate and depart from the canons. Modern designers find new approaches and solutions in tailoring shirts and create incredible works of sewing arts. So, the trend of fashionable seasons for several years in a row is a shirt with a triple collar. To date, a shirt with a triple collar has gained enough popularity to firmly enter the daily and business life of modern young people.
    The design of the collar in several layers allows you to combine not only different colors, but also different patterns and textures of fabrics.

    Triple collar is an unlimited field for designers, where they can show their skills at the highest level. High rack triple collar on two or three buttons, overlapping series of buttons at the front of the collar and zipper strip, finishing pockets, cuffs, the use of different options tabs (longitudinal and transverse), lines (contrasting, textured) - this and much more is the design elements shirts with triple collar. For young people who are confident and self-confident, for those who follow the latest fashion trends, a shirt with a triple collar is the ideal subject for expressing the individuality of the style.
    Here you can find and purchase a shirt with a triple collar on the latest fashion trends.

    For our customers we offer only the best: individual approach, perfect product quality, exclusive and limited collections of shirts with triple collar. With our shirts you are guaranteed the irresistibility and admiring looks of others.


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