Zerbinotto® - italian company, founded by Domenico Carino. The company stands on manufacturing of extravagant models of of shirts and accessories using only materials of high quality.

Domenico Carino started his career as a tailor in 1979 opened his own workshop on men shirts repairement in Rimini (Italy). Sometimes in the evenings his son helped him who studied on fashion designer. One evening he offered to his father to create own shirt. From that time the workshop transformed into workshop of creating shirts. From the moment of start up and up to 1991 (that time it was company) Zerbinotto® (Italian dandy) specialized only on business style shirts. In 1995 company moved to Milan. There at first time the company declared loudly about itself released, collection of extravagant men shirts. Gradually the trade mark started to be popular and among clients the celebrities started to appear. Started 2000, company re-classified in on-line retailer opening its own logistic warehouses for convenient order clearance around the world.

Online shop Zerbinotto offers pick up and purchase for yourself or as a gift to the families and loved ones stylish men and women shirts and extravagant accessories. The range of the online store are classic shirts, men's fashion slim-fitting shirts, stylish and original shirts, universal semifitted shirt, light and original men's shirt with short sleeves. In addition to a wide range of shirts, we still have much to offer the modern young man, fashionable and most diverse number of stylish men's accessories.

Buy men's shirt, you can at any time you like, without worrying about whether your order has reached the destination. Our managers work very quickly, and the system for receiving and processing orders is set to instant action.

The modern pace of life, with a prevailing desire for a better and quality life, conquering new heights requires us to always be on top. That is why you can often hear the claim that our image - our all. After all, wear is determined by the first opinion about us, "Judge on cover ...." And, for example, just to buy the shirt - not enough. As accessories play a significant role in the image as a whole. And then every event, whether it's transparent requirement (dress code), or vice versa - an unspoken (etiquette) carries a certain rules, without the knowledge of which does not absolve you from liability.

In our catalog of stylish men's shirts, ties and accessories provided everything necessary for the modern business man. Here you can find for yourself what is already familiar part of your wardrobe, as well as get acquainted with new and try out new, unfamiliar styles you.

Company Zerbinotto® monitors fashion trends, working respectively pace of modern life, so the range is regularly updated with new stylish things. Taking into account the needs and preferences of its customers, the company's designers are working on the creation of original models of individual men and women shirts, using only high quality materials from environmentally friendly raw materials. In addition to carefully selected materials used for tailoring their shirts fashionable patterns, creating an exclusive model classes (you will not find these shirts in markets and shopping centers of the city).