Collection of shirts Thirty six degrees from Zerbinotto ™

  • Collection of shirts Thirty six degrees from Zerbinotto ™

    Collection of shirts Thirty six degrees from Zerbinotto™

    Collection of men\'s shirts from the brand Zerbinotto™ - "Thirty six degrees". This collection of men\'s shirts is created in continuation of the previously known collection from Zerbinotto ™ - "Bellino checkered". Comparing these two collections of shirts, we find only one difference: the Bellino checkered collection is presented in a multi-colored cell with the effect of 3D, and the collection of shirts "Thirty six degrees" - in a strip, and in the performance of three or more colors, and neither is accepted only two .
    And so proceed, more about the collection of men\'s shirts "Thirty six degrees". This collection is made in a slim silhouette of Slim fit in striped design. Various colors were used for sewing shirts of this collection: yellow, beige, blue, white, red, black, lilac, blue, brown and many others. The highlight of the shirt collection is the use in the design of shirts such an extravagant element as the collar "French colar" - white collar and white cuffs, a la English style. In addition, the cuffs of the male shirt are bilateral and, if desired, they can be tucked in order to avoid stiffness and contamination. In addition, it is now very fashionable to tuck in sleeves to the elbow and fasten them to the cuff buttons. In this regard, the manufacturer has executed them in contrast color in combination with the shirt. The collar of a man\'s shirt is double and buttoned. The collar of the shirt collar is too high - in two buttons. The inner strap where the buttons are sewn is made in a contrast design. In addition, we want to note that the buttons of the shirt are made in a square shape.
    Considered men\'s shirts from the collection "Thirty six degrees" is a wonderful attribute of your wardrobe and classic image. This shirt is perfect for business suits, trousers and jeans. Recently, it has become fashionable to wear a shirt for breeches in a denim version. Therefore, it is very versatile and suitable for various events and occasions, as well as the seat of the owner of the shirt.

    Comparison of the Bellino 1870 and 1864 collections from Zerbinotto ™.

    In this review, we will discuss two series of one collection of the manufacturer Zerbinotto ™. Consider for comparison the data of the shirt model.
    The initial and almost the most basic difference between the two models of shirts is color performance. Models of shirts of a series 1864 are executed in monochromatic color scale. Unlike the first, the model of the 1870 series is presented in men\'s shirts in monochrome color and striped (or striped). To create these two collections, high-quality Oxford cloth was used. The color solution was chosen taking into account the fashion trends of the next year. So, in models of shirts of a series 1870 there are such colors: blue, white, black, gray, pink, red and many other things.
    The main feature of these two models of one collection from Zerbinotto ™ is a unique design solution - the interior design of the collar, the buttons, crotch and cuffs with the original colored fabrics with print. As in one and the other models of shirts, for this purpose, a drawing is used in a cage, in peas (or a dot), multicolored monophonic fabrics, in a pattern, with imitation pigtails, fabrics with floral patterns and many other design solutions.
    What else unites these two series of one collection of men\'s shirts? Another design solution is the creation of certain parts of the shirt with a decorative stitch - dotted lines or print patterns. Such lines decorate the edges of the cuff and the matching lines of the coquette with the shelves. In addition, on the shelves of the shirts of both collections there are longitudinal darts. So the lines of these darts are also equipped with a decorative stitch - dotted line.

    As for the shirt collar, one series of shirts models differs from the other in that the 1870 series uses a decorative dotted line in the collar design, as well as a fabric strip with gates, cuffs and buttons for garters and gussets. While there is no dotted line on the collar of the 1864 model shirt.
    The collar stand for both models is different. At shirts of a series 1870 a rack for one button, while at a shirt of a series 1864 it high - is distributed on two buttons.

    The cuffs of the men\'s shirts of these two models are bilateral. Both models of these series are made in a fitted silhouette.
    In the model of shirts of the 1870 series, except for one-color shirts, as already discussed earlier, there are also striped shirts. So, besides all the above, men\'s striped shirts from the 1870 series have on the back a fashionable wide fold that complements the decorative element.
    As you can see in the end, men\'s shirts from two different series are very similar. Some unobtrusive design solutions distinguish one series of shirts from the other. But it is these differences that make it possible for everyone to choose exactly that shirt.