Choosing a shirt

  • Choosing a shirt

    Shirts today are made of different materials and also of different qualities.

    A suitable option is a natural fabric, for example cotton. The cotton shirt is soft to the touch, looks great on the body, and allows the skin to breathe, but these shirts very quickly crumple and it is necessary to apply this shirt to small strokes. Cotton shirts should be used for a specific occasion, and for everyday wear, fabrics with a small addition of synthetic fibers are an excellent choice. This addition will hardly affect the quality, but the clothes will not so decently soar.

    Satin and silk shirts are designed for festive occasions.

    They look great in combination with a tuxedo and dress coat, but for everyday wear they are not very suitable, because also easily crumple and almost do not pass air. In such a shirt in hot or hot weather it\'s hot. Shirts made of synthetics or artificial fibers do not allow moisture, collect static electricity, and because of this, they constantly stick to the body, they have only one advantage: due to the fact that they almost do not allow moisture, spots of sweat are not visible at all in the heat. Recently, knitted men\'s shirts have become popular, they are really not bad sitting and excellent in appearance. But such shirts are easily stretchable, the material is coughing and for a long time or constantly wearing such a shirt is not possible, in addition knitted shirts do not match with the costume.

    As for the color palette, now in a good menswear store you can stumble upon a shirt of almost any color scheme. The most successful are considered shirts of light tonality, especially white. White shirt is practical for daily work, and on occasion, it perfectly combines with accessories and always beckons. It is better to move away from shirts of the color of ivory as they look used, and sometimes even seem dirty and untidy. Stop on white or blue. Black shirts are worn under a sad occasion, so do not use them often. Shirts of red and other bright colors will perfectly suit as attributes for rest. Shirt will create a fashionable combination with a suit, if it is lighter for a couple of tones.

    A tie, darker than a shirt exactly one tone, will effectively fill the kit. This ratio will allow you to look most decent.

    Picking up a checkered shirt or strip, you need to remember that the lines should be thin and in one color. From shirts with a different pattern, especially when lines of different colors and large in width, we recommend to refuse. If you doubt what to wear, a shirt in a cage or a strip, or do not know that the drawing looks with the suit, then it is best to buy a shirt with a monochrome coloring. The color of the shirt should be selected, starting from the complexion. People with a reddish shade of the face are recommended to abandon shirts with a red tinge, people with a yellowish complexion do not wear yellow, beige or milky shirts.

    You are in search of a shirt with a high collar, if you put it on a celebration, or to hide wrinkles around your neck. Between the buttoned collar and the neck it is necessary that the finger is quietly placed, then the shirt will fit well, and will not create inconvenience for you. The collar is selected on the basis of the shape of the face, so for people with a full round face shirts that have a rounded collar do not fit, and for people with slim facial features, collars with elongated tips are prohibited. Classic shirt collars, fit all without exception. And lastly, the shirt does not need pockets at all, but if they are still present, then in no case should they be placed in various, even small items, especially pen.