Exclusive premium men's shirts

  • Exclusive premium men's shirts

    Exclusive premium men\'s shirts

    An exclusive and versatile thing in the wardrobe of every man is the men\'s shirt of the Zerbinotto® collection Bellino. It perfectly suits your image of brutal macho, and also looks great in everyday casual style.
    As for this shirt for business style, I would like to note the execution of this model of shirts in a singleton. Classics are adhered to in color, but with a progressive direction towards the decorative elements on the sides of the shirt and selected lines.
    This youth-style shirt looks good both with a tie, and without or under a butterfly. The buttons of this shirt model are not noticeable and are suitable for the color and shape of the shirt. The shape of the buttons is square.

    Also take a good look at the shirt!

    Decorative cover under the collar and cuff. Cuffs are irreplaceable, they are aesthetic and neat, as they draw attention to the hands. The color palette is chosen with refinement.
    Designers of men\'s shirts collection Bellino created this model shirt with various inserts and stripes on the collar. The collar of the shirt is slanting, fastens on two buttons and created in two tones, the colors are separated by a strip with a print. The colors are bright and saturated. For example, the red ethnic elements on a black background.
    Also, we would like to separately note the relevance of the effect of bruising or crumpling this year. It is important to choose the right shirt to look stylish, not carelessly or as they say in the style of ragged.
    If you want to look amazing, then choose a stylish men\'s shirt with the effect of bruising of dark colors with a diamond drop. This shirt is suitable for parties, corporate parties or festive occasions.

    If you want to be unique and stand out from the crowd?

    Then this model of a man\'s shirt is for you. Brand Zerbinotto created the collection of Mario and does not cease to amaze us with their fantasies and experiments on men\'s shirts. The manufacturer presented us with a stylish man\'s shirt in a fitting cut, combining in one model of shirt, both monophonic, and the famous Burberry pattern. The combination of colors, not catchy, close to men are not supporters of "showing off." This man\'s shirt is fitted. A shirt is made in monochrome or Burberry style. The Mario collection is created using such strokes as a double Button Down collar on buttons and two-sided cuffs in angular design. Both on the collar and on the cuffs, as decor, sewn into the pattern of the Burberry line print. Upper buttons are located three unlikely. Inside the collar of the shirt and the line of buttons are highlighted with Burberry insets. The very same buttons of the shirt - non-standard, well, let\'s say so unusual for our man in the street. They are created in a square form. The shelves of the man\'s shirt (in the Burberry pattern) are sewn in such a way that the pattern itself coincides uniformly with the two compound shirts. The strap of the shirt goes to the tone with the base, and the inner side of the strip with the strip. The back of the shirt is sewn without folds. The gusset of the shirt is trimmed with double stitches to give more effect to the tightness of the shirt.

    Collection of exclusive men\'s shirts "Mario 5 generation".

    Your attention is presented to the collection of men\'s shirts "Mario 5 generation" of the famous brand Zerbinotto®. The collection of men\'s shirts is exclusive, therefore released in limited quantities. This collection is represented by Slim fit men\'s shirts. Shirts rich in noble colors. Double collar with two buttons with decorative slats and stitched dotted lines. The collar stand is high - for two buttons. The line of buttons on top starts with three buttons unlikely. Man\'s cuffs are double-sided and asymmetrical. The coquette along all the joints is stitched with a decorative dotted stitch. More in detail with the collection you can find by clicking on the link.
    Every man, to some extent, wants to look different from the rest. And this applies to everything: rest, food, cars, clothes and much more. Speaking about exclusive things, we mean something extraordinary, original, unique - not like the ordinary. As for clothes, and in particular for men\'s shirts, we have such a category of shirts as "exclusive".
    Collections of exclusive men\'s shirts brand Zerbinotto® are produced strictly in single quantities. This is the main factor that determines the exclusivity and uniqueness of the thing. Such shirts are even visually different from "ordinary", which are produced in large batches.
    The main elements of exclusive men\'s shirts are flashy colors, noble and expensive fabrics (mostly satin), textured structures, "screaming" patterns, expensive fittings and so on.
    Manufacturer Zerbinotto® worked on the creation of more than one day and eventually released several collections of exclusive men\'s shirts. To create the collection were selected high-quality fabrics of noble colors with textured structures.