Autumn fashion: checkered shirt

  • Autumn fashion: checkered shirt

    Checkered Shirts filled almost all the departments of shops.

    More often men\'s departments. And many girls enviously look in their direction.

    We\'ll figure out what checks are and where the Checkered Shirts can be worn. The simplest option is a small check. This is a neutral, therefore applicable in the office option. As a rule, the check is two-color: white-gray, white-pink, white-lilac, etc. But we also offer a tricolor check, made in our shirts. They are tightened to fit into pants, tightly seated on the hips, and on top it was convenient to put on a jacket that emphasizes the figure.

    Another thing - shirts in a large check.

    Here you will not remain undetected. For example, a red-white and even a gray-black large check affects the surrounding people roughly like a traffic light. Such options, of course, choose rebels, greedy to the attention of others. And yet it is more appropriate not to expose the entire cellular surface for show. Wearing a shirt is more comfortable with knitted knitwear: cardigans, jumpers.

    Finally, the main option is a shirt in a complex check.

    The figure includes four to five to eight to ten colors. In it the millimeter and wide strips, squares and figures on which imagination will suffice are intricately intertwined. Such a picture is associated with both the Scottish classics and the cowboy Wild West. Already last summer and this winter, such shirts were actively worn by men of fashion. Combine such a shirt with jeans - a classic.

    In winter, the main material for Checkered Shirts was a warm flannel.

    For summer or off-season, the flannel is also suitable, but in a softer, subtle way. It is the flannel, due to the small pile, that gives depth to the flowers. The traditional smooth cotton, which is said to be very expensive, will be applied more for the office version. To save money, manufacturers often order cloth of small weight, because in summer one can expect translucent CheckeredShirts made of batiste.

    What about forms and volumes? If you do not need to follow a strict dress code at work, forget about the tightened, with many darts, shirts unbuttoned to the treasured hollow. Now everything is much chaste: you can not tighten a figure, you can unfasten up to two buttons at most. Who does not agree - wear what you like. Who wants to be fashionable, will have to switch to inter-dimensional products. This already happened in grunge times.

    If the nearest shopping center is not brought checkered shirts, despair is not necessary. Have a look at our Zerbinotto ™ shirts store. There are many such shirts. Dressing with us is not interesting, but simply fascinating.